School reopening

Date: 17/08/2020

Dear Parents,
We have just completed one of the most challenging academic years
in our history as a nation, and your unparalleled commitment and
cooperation was instrumental in ensuring that our schools delivered
quality learning to our children.
Over the summer, ADEK has worked extensively with schools, parent
representatives, teachers and federal policymakers to develop guidelines
to ensure a safe return to school for our children. These guidelines
reflect scientific evidence and international best practices, but more
importantly, they are informed by hours of discussions with school
leaders, teachers and thousands of responses by parents to surveys
conducted by ADEK. With these guidelines in place, we are confident
that schools will be able to welcome students back for the Academic
Year 2020/21.
This guide provides you with essential information to prepare you and
your child for their return to school. If you have specific questions or
comments, please direct them to your School Principal.
Once again, Welcome Back!