The new School Academic Year will start this August (2020); our primary goal is to maintain a high level of education and ensure its effective continuity for our students. This will be done by applying a new educational model that will combine distance learning from home and face-to-face instruction in-school for all students, wherein each classroom will have 15 students from Grade 1 to Grade 7 and 10 students only in each and every classroom in the KG.

We will implement the “Alternative Week” system to meet the educational needs of all our students’ successfully. Hereby rexobol stanozolol, students will attend school for one week and apply distance learning the following week. This system will help to protect and safeguard the students’ health and safety while allowing them to obtain an appropriate level of education as well during this period. Further, it will assist parents to organize their schedules and follow the education plans for their children easily.

Each class will be divided into two groups; each group will attend school on alternate weeks and have distance learning the following week. All groups of students will spend the same amount of time for learning at school and participating in all lessons. The school will abide wholly by the health, safety and protection procedures as per the stated standards and guidelines from, ‘Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.’

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