Parent Association

ABZPA is a proactive and highly driven parental body who support our school in all sorts of ways and organise social, academic, performance, sporting and fund-raising events for the whole school community.

For The Parents

ABZPA organise guest speakers, social events, coffee mornings, meet and greet sessions for new families, adult sporting events, opportunities to volunteer and assist in a range of aspects of school life.

For The Students

encourage students to participate in events such as International Day, the Innovation Fair, Sports Day, Ramadan events organisation and so much more. The amazing work of ABZPA develops a genuine sense of community that all our students hugely benefit from.

For The Staff

ABZPA supports the ABZ staff in a range of ways – by organising class functions, assisting with displays, supporting children with reading, sport, school development and excursions. ABZPA welcome volunteers who wish to act as Communication Coordinators to help with these activities and to ensure all parents within our school are kept updated on all events and developments

Our ABZPA volunteers have organised some fantastic events in school such as International Day, UAE National Day, Innovation Fair, Iftar, Pink Day and much more. Parent volunteers are always welcome in school and help in so many ways – reading with children, assisting in sport, community building and fund-raising.

If you have any questions regarding ABZPA then please contact: