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Extra-curricular activities are a fundamental part of the curriculum offered across Academies because we recognise the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies. The school offers a wide selection of over 40 after-school activities to enhance the curriculum offered in our school; creative, musical, physical and academic.

Importantly, in the range of activities offered in our school, we value the approach characterised by the International Baccalaureate Programme in which extra-curricular provision is aligned to three areas of creativity, action and service (CAS). Students are encouraged to participate in a breadth of experiences, promoting an understanding of their own potential, skills and future career paths or interests.

All of our teachers commit to the programme as part of their contractual duties and, consequently, there is a diverse and engaging programme, sufficient to attract the attention and interest of all students.
Our Extra-Curricular Activities are centred on the following learning outcomes:

· Increasing awareness of strengths and areas for growth
· Undertaking new challenges
· Planning, initiating and leading activities
· Working collaboratively with others
· Showing perseverance and commitment to activities
· Engaging with issues of global importance
· Considering the ethical implications of actions
· Developing new skills.